Save Now vs. Save Later

Often times, the more you spend up front, the more you save in the long run.  If at all possible, pay more in the beginning to save you more in the end.


Paying a down payment on a house vs. having to pay the insurance for a long time for not having the down payment.  It is often possible to use money from you 401K for a down payment on your house.

Getting 0 percent interest on an auto loan by making large payments over a few years, vs. paying interest on a loan with a lower monthly payment for several years.

Saving up to pay for something vs. buying it on credit and paying interest on it.

Keeping money in savings and earning interest on it vs. paying interest on credit cards.

Investing in a 401k with employer contributions vs. taking the money as hourly pay.

Keeping your grades up and doing extracurricular activities to earn scholarships vs. student loans.

Working to pay off school as you go vs. paying interest on student loans.

In all these secondary “more money now” scenarios you are losing a bunch of money that you deserve to keep!

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