Sell Your Stuff

Garage SaleLess is more.  Sell the items you own but never use.  There are many places to sell your stuff, including:

-Garage Sales – Be sure to advertise your sale.  Post signs around the neighborhood, advertise on craigslist and in the paper.  Join up with family and friends to make the sale bigger and more fun. Some people drive around when garage sales tend to be ending, buy up the leftovers for cheap or free, and resale them later.

Craigslist – Post your items for on Craigslist.  Post items for sale is free in many cities.  Keep in mind that in general only local people will see your add.

-Sell on Amazon  or Ebay  to reach people all over the world.  This will cost you a little, but it might be worth it.

Be realistic.  No one cares how much you paid for the item.  They care about how much they want to pay.  If they wanted to spend a lot of money they would just go buy a new one from the store.

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