Clinic vs. Regular Doctor’s Office

If you can’t afford health insurance, find a clinic near you. They often provide services to the uninsured at low prices. They also can often refer you to other resources. For example, Peoples Community Clinic in Austin partners with St. David’s to provide free dental care to their uninsured patients.

Minor Emergency vs. Emergency Room

Instead of heading to the ER when you have a minor emergency, head to a minor emergency clinic instead. You can often get in and out for under 200 bucks.

No Interest on Medical Payments

There is a no interest credit card available to help you pay for medical expenses. It is called Care Credit. Make sure your medical provider selects the no interest option when they swipe your card. One card works for the whole family, including the family pet. Care Credit also works for other medical expenses, like dental work and cosmetic procedures that medical insurance doesn’t tend to cover.

Medical Insurance Benefits

Medical insurance benefits vary widely among employers and are often hard to compare before receiving a job offer, so make sure wages aren’t all you take into consideration when job hunting.

Generic vs. Name Brand

Generic drugs are often the same as but cheaper than name brand drugs.

Pharmacy discount cards

Many pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and urgent care clinics are linked with companies who give out medicine discount cards for free or cheap. These cards can save you a lot of money at the pharmacy if you are uninsured.

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