Babies - How to save when you have babies.I once overheard someone say, “The biggest income increase you will ever see is when your children leave home.” If you want to save a lot of money, don’t have babies!

But if you do end up having some babies, get a Sam’s Club or Costco membership and purchase their versions of baby formula and diapers.  The formula especially is much cheaper.  If you are a business owner, even a very small business owner, your Sam’s Club membership is much cheaper.  Last time I checked, being a business owner saved about 65 dollars on a Sam’s Club membership.

Children don’t stay in one size for long. Purchase their clothes from a garage sale. Or make friends with people who have kids a little older than you, and gleefully take all their hand me downs. Etiquette Note: Don’t “pick through” the hand me downs in front of the person who gave them to you and hand back the clothes you don’t like.  Just take the whole bag and pass on what you aren’t interested in to someone else.

**Bonus**: You can often sell your old baby/children’s items at garage sales, on craigslist, ebay, or used children’s clothing stores.

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