Mystery Shopping

Mystery ShopEver worked somewhere and been mystery shopped? It happens! Mystery shopping is where you make a purchase and/or a phone call and then get reimbursed for your purchase and time. And you often get to keep the purchase! For example, you call and order a pizza, you eat the pizza, turn in your receipt and review of the transaction, then receive reimbursement for the pizza and a payment for your time.

Current mystery shopping sites include ACE Mystery ShoppingDynamic AdvantageExpert AuditGfk Mystery Shopping, Intelli-ShopIntouch Insight (this one has been around awhile and has acquired many other mystery shopping companies), In Touch ShoppersJob SlingerMarket ForceMy Mystery ShopMystery Guest Inc.Mystery Shopping Providers AssociationMy Survey 123National Shopping ServiceSassie Mystery Shopping Systems, and Secret Shopper.

**Like most jobs, you should never pay a site to let you have an account. You should only have to spend money when you are actually shopping. Many mystery shopping companies are registered with the Better Business Bureau**

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