Flipping Mobile Homes

This idea comes from 101 Weird Ways to Make Money by Steve Gillman. Gillman has some great ideas. My favorite was flipping mobile homes. This is a market not often talked about. Its true mobile homes depreciate in value, but you aren’t buying a new one and trying to re-sell it. You are buying a foreclosed one or one from someone who has to sell, fixing it up (with cheaper supplies than in a home you would flip) and making a profit. I have actually done this. I sold a thirteen year old mobile home after spending a day fixing it up. I think the profit was less than 5000, but it was easy money. I didn’t replace the floors. But afterward I heard that the first thing the new owners would do would be to throw out the carpet and lay out fresh linoleum. And that’s exactly what they did. Many mobile homes are on rented land, so you don’t even have to pay for the land. You could get on good terms with local manufactured home parks and be their go to for people needing to sell. You could take over the monthly land payments and not ever have to move the home during the flipping and selling process.

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