Credit Cards

Credit Cards - The Get By Guide

Save money on credit cards by NOT USING THEM. Credit cards that give you free range to swipe them for whatever you want are B – A – D.

Credit card companies are not being generous when they offer an “introductory no interest period”. They know the average sucker will swipe away, raising their balance way beyond a payable amount before the interest hits. Then, that customer will spend a decade paying off that balance inch by inch. The cycle is a vicious one. People become reliant on their card because their payment is so high. After they make their payment they use their card because they are out of money.

Once the limit is reached, credit card companies often send a cheery later raising the balance for you, so that they profit even more from your mistakes. Luckily, laws have gone into effect to help control the credit card industry. Hopefully there will eventually be a law limiting interest rates to fixed rates that are below 10%. Anything else should be a crime.

If you already have credit card debt.  The first step is to call and close your card.  You can close it so you won’t be tempted to use it anymore, yet still make payments until the balance is paid off. Make sure you won’t suffer any penalties for closing!


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