Vehicle Purchases – Here is how to shop for a car:

Step 1. Find the type of car you want to buy days in advance. See if your state has any rebate programs for an energy efficient vehicle. If you live in Texas and have a car more than 10 years old, you may qualify for up to 3500 dollars off. The program is called “Drive Clean Across Texas.”

On the day of purchase:

Step 2. Sleep in. Spend the day relaxing.

Step 3. Get a sitter. Your children will distract you and keep you from getting a good deal.

Step 4. Go in right before the dealership closes. Drink some coffee beforehand if you need it. Eat a meal before you go and bring a snack. You will be there for a while. Know how much the car is worth. Pick a reasonable price and monthly payment and stick to it. They can go down to a reasonable price and payment, they just don’t want to. Begin to leave if they won’t meet your offer. You might have to haggle and play their game until 1 in the morning, but you stand a much better chance of getting a good deal if you follow this strategy. Be prepared for them to leave the room constantly to “discuss the price with someone”. They will also say they can’t go lower. This is not true. The key is to have patience and not let them talk you into a higher price. Remember, they are tired from a long day of work and want to go home. Don’t let them say they must wait until the banks open tomorrow to finalize the paperwork. This is also a big fat lie.

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