Credit Unions vs. Other Banks

Banks -  The Get By GuideCredit unions and other banks both have their pros and cons.

Pros – Credit Unions

Credit unions are not for profit and work more in the interest of their members than the other banks.  In credit unions, the goal is to return more profits to account holders, whom are also the shareholders, whereas with other banks the goal is to return more profits to corporate shareholders.

Pros – Other Banks

Other banks tend to be able to fund larger expenses, like new business startups and mortgages. 

Many banks will count your coins for you free of charge if you are a member.  Don’t waste your money using the coin counters at grocery and department stores.

Don’t pay a fee to have an account. There are too many ways to have a free account.  The easiest way is to set up direct deposit, but there are other ways too.  You should never pay a fee to have or open a bank account.

Try finding an account that earns interest. Many banks – both credit unions and other banks – offer accounts that gain a little interest every month.


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