There are many ways you can reduce your utility bills.

  • Insulate your water heater, windows, doors, and outlets.
  • Seal edges of outlets with caulk.
  • Recycle rain water.
  • Recycle containers like butter tubs and glass jars by using them to store leftovers.
  • Use filler objects in toilet tanks so they use less water.
  • Purchase an air conditioning/heater regulator that allows you to adjust the temperature, so your house can be warmer or cooler while you are usually away and then go to a more comfortable temperature before you arrive home.  Get a programmable thermostat from Home Depot or Lowes. Set the AC to rest at 85 during the day. Set it to cool around 78 during the time you usually sleep. Any time you are home and uncomfortable, turn it down a little. Set it back to 85 before you leave. Do the same with your heater. Keep it set at the lowest possible temp you are comfortable with. Turn up the heat any time you are home and cold. This is not as much effort as it sounds. When set up correctly, your thermostat will reset to the base settings you have put in it daily. You only have to adjust it when you get uncomfortable.

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