Birthday Parties

Save money on Birthday PartiesBe careful, an at home or party at the park can add up to the same price as an event center party after you buy all the supplies and decor.

If you do pay for a party at an event center, be wary, sometimes the package prices save the company more money than they save you.  For example, if you pay for the minimum amount of kids at a chuck – e – cheese party, then pay for the rest of the kids by adding on their drinks and using coupons for pizza and tokens, you can save big.

Bags - Save money on birthday parties Save those bags! Bags alone can cost 5 dollars.  So save those bags for the next party. 🙂 Bags - Save money on birthday parties

Cupcakes - Save money on birthday partiesCupcakes tend to be cheaper at Sam’s Club or Costco than at other stores. Or you can always make your own cupcakesCupcakes - Save money on birthday parties

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